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World War I Doughboy Memorial - Williamsport

World War I Doughboy Memorial
400 American Legion Drive
Williamsport, Washington County, Maryland

World War I Doughboy Memorial
Williamsport, Maryland

The World War I Doughboy Memorial in Williamsport, Maryland is located in front of the American Legion Post 202, 400 American Legion Drive, Williamsport. This one I found because someone said to "look for the blue water tower". I did and there was the road I needed!!

Williamsport, MD Water tower

The dedication in July 1926 was a big deal. Thousands came out for the ceremony and the street carnival celebrating the Memorial. The Maryland governor at the time, Albert Ritchie, became the first governor to visit Williamsport.

Today the Memorial also includes markers to commemorate the wars and military actions since World War I including World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada and Panama. It also looks like they have one to be prepared for what I presume will be for Iraq and Afghanistan.

World War I Doughboy Memorial
Williamsport, MD
Honor Roll

The World War I Honor Roll is on both sides of the Doughboy monument as begins as follows:

1914  1918

Anderson, William Mc. Fleming, Walter W.
Ardinger, Kenneth E. Foltz, Gilbert S.
Bair, Shafer B. ^ Foltz, Robert
Baker, Edward L. Forsythe, Emmert
Banzhof, George W. Fritz, Glen
Beard, I. Gaver * Garrish, Frank T.
Bell, Clyde B. Garrish, George A.
Betts, Howard R. Garrish, Isaac
Blair, Frank Gearhart, Earl
Boppe, Charles Grimes, William E.
Brandt, Charles E. Grove, Emory S.
Brindle, Clyde R. Gruber I. E.
Brown, Emory Guessford, Clarence
Buchanan, Charles W. Guessford, Elmer
Burke, Charles R. Guessford, Otha
Byron, Jospeh W. Guessford, Reuben
Byron, William D. 2nd. Guessford, William
Castle, Ruby E. Hammond, Obed I.
Charles, Cldye M. Hanna, J. Henry
Charlton, Milford Harsh, Isaac G.
Cole, J. Boyd Hawbaker, Lewis C.
Conley, Edward S. Heck, Vernon W.
Cottrill, Lester G. Hetzer, Harry K.
Crawford, Charles R. Hetzer, S. Roy
Curfman, William F. Hetzer, William H.
Curfman, George T. Hoffman, Emmert M.
Cushwa, David K. 2nd. Hoffman, Frank H.
Davis, Daniel W. Hoffman, Grant L.
Davis, John W. Hoffman, Roy E.
Davis, Roy E. Hose Earl F.
Dellinger, W. Richard Hose, Fred A.
Dinsmore, Edward R. Hurd, Fritz D.
Downs, James Hurd, Mason M.
Downs, Norris Hurd, William S.
Eckis, Samuel K. James, Frank W.
* Faughander, John Johnson, Lawrence R.
Finfrock, Howard D. Johnson, Russell
Fink, Charles W. Jordan, Charles
Fleming, John A.
Kees, Allen C. Reed, Benjamin E.
Keller, Lester J. Reid, Conway R.
Kern, Nelson G. Roth, Grover W.
Kershner, David R. Rowe, Clyde
Kershner, Richard R. Rowland, Samuel J.
Kimble, William B. Sanders, John
Knipple, Carl Shank, Elmer R.
Knode, R.D. Sharer, John M.
Knodle, Arthur S. Siler, Ralph
Krauss, William A. Smith, E.L.
Kreps, John Smith, Harry C.
Kreps, Lesher L. Speaker, Elsworth R.
Lamp, Alvey J. Speaker, Walter P.
Landis, Goldie A. Somers, Harry L.
Lemen, Herman L. Staley, Emory
Little, Charles A. Taylor, Bernard H.
Little, James F. Teach, Jacob
Lizer, Samuel E. Templeton, Frank
Long, Frank W. Templeton, William
Long, John D. Thompson, Jesse D.
Long, Simon W. Tice, Joel K.
Marr, Roy Traver, Albert R.
Miller, Charles L. Traver, Harry R.
Miller, Eugene C. Turner, John D.
Miller, Raymond H. Uperman, John L.
* Moore, Joseph L. Wiley, Edgar
Moore, Thomas A. Wiley, Samuel
Moore, Randolph Willet, Kenneth A.
Murray, George C. Williams, Lawrence T.
Myers, Walter D. Wine, John F.
McAfee, J. Riley Wolf, Raymond
McCardell, W. Ernest Wolfe, Chester
McCardell, Norman R. Wolfe, Benjamin
McCardell, Richard K. Wolfe, William
McCauley, Robert E. Wright, Eugene
Nalley, Clyde G. Wright, Robert V.L.
Norris, Clyde C. Zimerley, George
Patton, J. Edward Zimmerman, Ira M.
Poffenberger, Charles
Poffenberger, George L. (COLORED)
Poffenberger, Harry Brown, Edward
Poffenberger, William H. Hamilton, William H.
Powell, Russell F.

*Killed In Action
^Died in Service

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