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This blog will be for all those “other” things and topics that just fit the theme of my other blogs, Denise’s Genealogy Journey (my online research journal for my family genealogy) and Denise’s Cemetery Journeys (highlighted visits to various cemeteries).This will include MY views and opinions on topics that not everyone will agree with and that’s perfectly fine as long as any conversations remain civil. I strongly believe in everyone having their own opinions as long as folks realize that not everyone will agree with them and that’s okay. That’s what makes all of us great!!

Among the topics I hope to include in this blog are genealogy items that do not pertain to my family research. I do not live in the area that my ancestors did but I do belong to a local genealogical society and have gathered a lot of information on local places, people and events. Another love of mine is history. Some of my favorite eras are post-US Civil War, World War I, the 1920’s and 1930’s.  And let’s not forget the modern times. Like my daily commute. Oh I have views on those!!! But all in due time.

Below are my social media contact information. Please feel free to contact me. There may be a delay in responding but I will!!

Email:        decfamily314@gmail.com

Twitter:     Denise's Gen Journey

Blogs:       Denise's Genealogy Journey

                  Denise's Cemetery Journeys

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