Monday, April 17, 2017

Dodge Ball - Who Knew

 I am diving into old newspapers again for research. I came across this small article and had to laugh. From The Frederick Post, Frederick, MD, April 19, 1917, page 6:

The Frederick Post
Frederick, MD
April 19, 1917, page 6

Dodge Ball Season Begun
    In a game of dodge ball played in Emmitsburg, the first of a series held under the auspices of the Frederick County Athletic League between Emittsburg and Walkersville public schools, the girls from Emittsburg won by the score of 9 to 3. The lineup:

     Emittsburg -- Virginia Eyster, captain; May Rowe, Saranna White, Ethel Annan, Helen Ohler, Laura Adelsberger, Anna Bishop, Margaret Linn, Cynthia Claggett, Annabell Linn.

     Walkersville -- Freeda Smith, captain; Margaret Smith, Henrietta Cramer, Alice Gilbert, Eleanor Zimmerman, Mary Zimmerman, Lulu Bittinger, Mildred Cromwell, Catherine Miller, Nellie Kanode


Who knew Grandma had game!!!! And if you are related to one of these ladies, did you know they played on a dodge ball team!!!   LOVE IT!!! 💗

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Commuting - 1917 Style

I am slowly getting back into my research mode after having to work on other projects for the last few months. I was in a newspaper from 1917 and saw this GREAT cartoon.........

Frederick News Post, Frederick MD
April 17, 1917 page 4

I AM STILL LAUGHING!!! Fast forward, 100 years and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!
I commute daily via car, bus, train and walk so I can relate to this cartoon in so many different ways. And I love the name of the series "Things That Never Happen" by Gene Byrnes. So appropriate. Can't wait to see the next installment while I am researching!!

I love it 😂

This is my two cents for the day. How about you???