Friday, May 19, 2017

Frederick Friday - Gossip Spotlight

Today's spotlight: Frederick, Maryland

Frederick News
Frederick, MD
April 20, 1917
Page 4


Mr. Robert A. Bennett, who has been spending a few days in Baltimore and Annapolis, has returned.

Mr. Charles W. Mullican, with John H. Abbott and Son, machinists, West All Saints street, has gone to Washington, where he has accepted a position in the Navy Yard machine shops.

Mr. Walter Duvall, of this city, has gone to Washington where he will be employed in the Navy Yard machine shops.

Dr. Ira J. McCurdy, who has been undergoing treatment for his health in Baltimore has returned to Frederick and is considerably improved.

Miss Mary Caller, of Jefferson, played the wedding march at the wedding of Miss Cora B. Adams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. Adams, of Beaver Creek, Washington county, and Mr. David McFall Walker, of Bristol, Ten., which took place at Beaver Creek on Wednesday. The ceremony was conducted by D. R. Moss, of Beaver Creek.

Sergeant and Mrs. Francis Kennedy will return from their honeymoon this evening and for the present will be at home to their friends at 213 East Third street.

Mr. Richard P. Johnson, has returned to Harvard University, after spending the Easter vacation in Frederick.

Mrs. C. H. Eckstein will leave the latter part of the month for York, Pa., where she will make her future home with her daughter, Mrs. William Ralling. Her friends regret very much her leaving Frederick. A few Pythian Sisters called upon Mrs. Eckstein recently, to extend a farewell to one of their number.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thurmont Thursday - Gossip Spotlight

Today's spotlight: Thurmont, Maryland

Catoctin Clarion
Thurmont, MD
May 17, 1917
Page 2

Mr. and Mrs. C. Cosmus Fox, who have been spending the winter in Charleston, S.C., with Mrs. Fox's mother, Mrs. Hugh Ferguson, have returned to Thurmont.

Mrs. Hugh Ferguson, of Charleston, S.C., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. Cosmus Fox.

Captain and Mrs. Geo. F. Landers have spent the past ten days in Thurmont. They go from here to somewhere in Panama.

Mrs. Wilson Pryor, Miss Margaret Wilhide and Mr. William Pryor motored to Middletown last week, returning home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Leatherman of this place, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bitler of Hagerstown, motored to Charlotte Hall last week and spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leatherman of that place.

Mr. Josiah Flohr, of near Thurmont, is ill with pneumonia at this time. His condition has been serious.

Mr. Benj. Eyler, who was at the Frederick city hospital for treatment, is home again.

Messrs. George Elower, William Jones and George W. Miller, all aged veterans and members of Jason Damuth Post, this place, are very much indisposed at this time.

Mr. Lewis O'Toole, who has been in Washington, D.C., is spending some time at his home in this place.

Misses Margaret Johnston and Jennie Fisher, of Baltimore, have arrived at their summer home in Thurmont.
I have to laugh. Snowbirds in 1917...who knew! And they went to Charleston, where I grew up! A hundred years later and they are still coming 😎

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Woodsboro Wednesday - Gossip Spotlight

Today's gossip spotlight is Woodsboro, Maryland:

Frederick Post
Frederick, MD
April 20, 1917
Page 3


-Mr. John D. Kling, the grand old man of Woodsboro, 88 years old, is quite ill.

-A special program in being arranged for the meeting of the missionary society at the Lutheran church Sunday evening.

-Mrs. W.B. Stambaugh is visiting Mrs. Margaret Graham at New Midway.

-Mrs. R.L. Ogle, Creagerstown, is spending the week with her sister in New York.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dodge Ball - Who Knew

 I am diving into old newspapers again for research. I came across this small article and had to laugh. From The Frederick Post, Frederick, MD, April 19, 1917, page 6:

The Frederick Post
Frederick, MD
April 19, 1917, page 6

Dodge Ball Season Begun
    In a game of dodge ball played in Emmitsburg, the first of a series held under the auspices of the Frederick County Athletic League between Emittsburg and Walkersville public schools, the girls from Emittsburg won by the score of 9 to 3. The lineup:

     Emittsburg -- Virginia Eyster, captain; May Rowe, Saranna White, Ethel Annan, Helen Ohler, Laura Adelsberger, Anna Bishop, Margaret Linn, Cynthia Claggett, Annabell Linn.

     Walkersville -- Freeda Smith, captain; Margaret Smith, Henrietta Cramer, Alice Gilbert, Eleanor Zimmerman, Mary Zimmerman, Lulu Bittinger, Mildred Cromwell, Catherine Miller, Nellie Kanode


Who knew Grandma had game!!!! And if you are related to one of these ladies, did you know they played on a dodge ball team!!!   LOVE IT!!! 💗

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Commuting - 1917 Style

I am slowly getting back into my research mode after having to work on other projects for the last few months. I was in a newspaper from 1917 and saw this GREAT cartoon.........

Frederick News Post, Frederick MD
April 17, 1917 page 4

I AM STILL LAUGHING!!! Fast forward, 100 years and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!
I commute daily via car, bus, train and walk so I can relate to this cartoon in so many different ways. And I love the name of the series "Things That Never Happen" by Gene Byrnes. So appropriate. Can't wait to see the next installment while I am researching!!

I love it 😂

This is my two cents for the day. How about you???