Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thurmont Thursday - Gossip Spotlight

Today's spotlight: Thurmont, Maryland

Catoctin Clarion
Thurmont, MD
May 17, 1917
Page 2

Mr. and Mrs. C. Cosmus Fox, who have been spending the winter in Charleston, S.C., with Mrs. Fox's mother, Mrs. Hugh Ferguson, have returned to Thurmont.

Mrs. Hugh Ferguson, of Charleston, S.C., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. Cosmus Fox.

Captain and Mrs. Geo. F. Landers have spent the past ten days in Thurmont. They go from here to somewhere in Panama.

Mrs. Wilson Pryor, Miss Margaret Wilhide and Mr. William Pryor motored to Middletown last week, returning home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Leatherman of this place, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bitler of Hagerstown, motored to Charlotte Hall last week and spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leatherman of that place.

Mr. Josiah Flohr, of near Thurmont, is ill with pneumonia at this time. His condition has been serious.

Mr. Benj. Eyler, who was at the Frederick city hospital for treatment, is home again.

Messrs. George Elower, William Jones and George W. Miller, all aged veterans and members of Jason Damuth Post, this place, are very much indisposed at this time.

Mr. Lewis O'Toole, who has been in Washington, D.C., is spending some time at his home in this place.

Misses Margaret Johnston and Jennie Fisher, of Baltimore, have arrived at their summer home in Thurmont.
I have to laugh. Snowbirds in 1917...who knew! And they went to Charleston, where I grew up! A hundred years later and they are still coming 😎

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