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World War I Doughboy Memorial - Emmitsburg

World War I Doughboy Memorial
West Main Street and Frailey Road
Emmitsburg, Frederick County, Maryland

World War I Doughboy Memorial
Emittsburg, MD
May 2014

The World War I Doughboy Memorial is located at the intersection of West Main Street and Frailey Road in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This Memorial has also been a favorite of mine as it was one of the first monuments I came across when I moved to Maryland many many years ago. 

World War I Doughboy Memorial
Emittsburg, MD
May 2014

The Memorial was dedicated in May 1927. Being that is it at an intersection, the Memorial has had a history of cars hitting it. The latest accident happened in June 2015 with the Doughboy was knocked off of it's pedestal. When I went by it again in September 2015, it was still off the pedestal. It has finally been moved to a town facility for future repair. 

World War I Doughboy Memorial
Emmitsburg, MD
September 2015
Their was a call to possibly replace the Honor Roll due to the use of "Colored Soldiers" on the plaque. This memorial and many like it were erected in the 1920's when it was a totally different society than the one we live in today. In an article recently published in the Emmitsburg News-Journal entitled "Residents reject changes to Doughboy plaque" , Sharon Williams, President of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Emmitsburg VFW, said it best "We should not change anything on the statue, it is not our job to change history." Check out the article when you have a chance. Nice write up by Sarah Harrington. 

Here is the Honor Roll from a previous visit:

World War I Doughboy Memorial
Emittsburg, MD
May 2014
1917 1918


Bentzel, Arthur H. Hahn, Martin Luther* Rowe, Francis Edward*
Elder, Francis Xavier* Ohler, Vernon Ross* Schley, Reading*
Gelwicks, Charles F.* Reifsnider, Robert B.* Spalding, Henry D.*
Adelsberger, J. Owen Grimes, Gerald E. Riffle, Charles C.
Althoff, C. Raymond Harbaugh, Charles E. Rosensteel, Allen C.
Annan, Louis L. Harbaugh, Charles L. Rosensteel, Jno.H. of Jas.
Annan, Samuel McN. Hartdagen, Leroy Rowe, Charles J.
Bailey, R. Elmer Harting, John Mark Ryan, Joseph M.
Baker, Wilbur Hays, James T. Ryder, Gerald N.
Baumgardner, Clarence M. Hobbs, John Saffer, J. Albert
Bishop, James Lloyd Hoke, Clarence C. Sanders, J. Basil
Bowling, J. William Kelly, Henry W. Sayler, Roy Wilbur
Boyle, Cletus F. Kerrigan, J. Ward Sebold, Felix Bennett
Brown, D. Irwin Kerrigan, Robert V. Sellers, Charles E.
Byard, James A. Klosky, Simon Sellers, Robert R.
Byard, Sidney Clay Knott, Guy A. Seltzer, Ernest Thomas
Byers, Harry Bryan Kreitz, Allen F. Seltzer, James Edward
Click, Earl Norman Kreitz, John C. Sentz, Ernest Russell
Colliflower, John A. Kreitz, Joseph W. Sentz, John Edward
Cool, John Kugler, Martin L. Sharrer, Chas. Leander
Coyle, Charles Thomas Kump, Charles Wm. Shorb, Gerald
Cremer, Baxter Byron Little, Thomas Shorb, Joseph Albert
Day, John L. Marshall, Thomas Shuff, Joseph
Duffy, William Harris Martin, Maurice C. Shuff, William Clay
Duttera, John W. McKissick, William L. Smith, George Pedro
Eckenrode, Henry B. Jr. McMorris, John Thos. Stokes, Arthur M.
Eichelberger, Charles D. McNair, Charles A. Stokes, Charles K.
Eyler, Roy Miller, William Stokes, George H.
Felix, Joseph Webb Mitchell, James A. Stone, Daniel Edward
Ferguson, Russell David Moser, Allen E. Stoner, Louis H.
Fitez, Robert Glenn Moser, Maurice H. Topper, Benjamin M.
Frailey, Clarence G. Moser, Roy Jacob Topper, Francis S.
Frailey, Thomas J. Munshower, Harry L. Topper, Joseph M.
Frailey, William A. Myers, Clarence Turner, Joseph Milton
Galt, Sterling Jr. Myers, John Joseph Valentine, Harry E.
Gay, Roy Francis O'Donoghue, D. Allen Wagerman, George
Gelwicks, Albert O'Donoghue, John A. Walters, John William
Gelwicks, Lillian O'Donoghue, Sidney E. Warthen, Henry N.
Gelwicks, Roy Ohler, Charles F. Weant, Frank W.
Gillelan, Charles D. Ohler, Glenn E. Wetzel, H. Russell
Gillelan, Rhoda H. Ott, George Lewis Wetzel, John S.
Glacken, Joseph Rauth, Carl Martin Wetzel, Joseph William
Gloninger, John R. Rauth, John William Wetzel, Wilbert D.
Griffith, Vincent A. Rider, Allen F. White, Francis
Beatty, Albert Brown, Ward P. Butler, Charles Edward

While there may be some local controversy over the plaque, one thing is certain, men and women gave their service and sometimes their lives to defend our rights and freedoms. This we must never forget.

So, what's your two cents?

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